Fabrizio Bosso in concert at the Casa del Jazz with his Spiritual Trio, featuring Alberto Marsico on hammond, and Alessandro Minetto on drums.

Special guest singer Walter Ricci

Spiritual Trio is one of the most interesting projects Fabrizio Bosso has accomplished in his career. On this occasion, the project is enriched by the presence on stage of Walter Ricci’s talented voice. Born in 1989, despite his age Ricci has displayed his mastery of the great crooners from overseas. His performance will include a rendition of the famous When The Saints Go Marching In, among others.  

Founded in 2011, the TRIO has been conceived as a tribute to black music in two of its variations, gospel and spiritual. Remaining true to the music that influenced them, the band (Alberto Marsico on Hammond, Alessandro Minetto on Drums, and Fabrizio Bosso on Trumpet), keeps their own personal touch and performs a repertoire that is both traditional and modern.

Following this tradition, Bosso’s trumpet raises its voice in cry and plea. By recalling “Let’s make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”, a verse from the psalms of David that Mahalia Jackson loved to sing (turning it into a mesmerizing and pulsating music), Spiritual trio pays tribute to Gospel and Spiritual tradition with their soul version. Bosso has released two albums featuring Spiritual Trio, Spiritual (2011), and Purple (2013).

 Walter Ricci has grown up in a musical environment thanks to his father, Luigi, who graduated from the Conservatory and has exposed him to making music in all genres, ranging from classical to jazz, which soon became Walter’s main interest.

In 2006, he has won the “International Massimo Urbani Award”. On this occasion, he met several great musicians whom he would eventually share powerful experience with.

He has recently dropped yet another musical project, “The Cole Porter Songbook”, a tribute to one of the greatest composers in music history, featuring his friend, saxophonist Daniele Scannapieco.


Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Alberto Marsico, hammond organ

Alessandro Minetto, drums

Special guest Walter Ricci