SPIRITUAL TRIO – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso in concert with his Spiritual Trio, featuring Alberto Marsico on hammond, and Alessandro Minetto on drums

Spiritual Trio is one of the most interesting projects Fabrizio Bosso has accomplished in his career. The band, which has released two albums, has been created to honor black music in two of its variations: gospel and spiritual.

In their first record, Spiritual (2011), the band performed a repertoire deeply rooted in African-American folk music.

After extensive touring for more than two years, Fabrizio Bosso, Alberto Marsico, and Alessando Minetto, have understood that giving those songs their own personal and intense touch was the right path to follow.

With the release of their second album, Purple (2013), the trio has chosen to further explore black music. By performing a repertoire that is both traditional and modern, they can express themselves to their fullest potential.

Following this tradition, Bosso’s trumpet raises its voice in cry and plea. By recalling “Let’s make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”, a verse from the psalms of David that Mahalia Jackson loved to sing (turning it into a mesmerizing and pulsating music), Spiritual trio pays tribute to Gospel and Spiritual tradition with their soul version.


Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Alberto Marsico, hammond

Alessandro Minetto, drums