Face to face: references to the jazz aesthetic, free improvisation, and Mediterranean influences as the meeting ground for musicians Fabrizio Bosso and Luciano Biondini.

The multifaceted trumpeter from Piedmont region meets the mature sound of the accordionist from Perugia to create a dialogue made of mutual and empathic listening. The strength and pathos of their respective personalities empower this great project. A conversation between equals, with no emerging leaders, for the interplay is the key to expressing the musical discourse.

Biondini is an accordionist of impeccable touch. He’s a talented musician with a mature sound, a deep knowledge of the modern jazz tradition, and a very personal way of revising history. Bosso, a multifaceted trumpeter who has reached his highest level in terms of artistic intensity, supports his music partner in his sound explorations, imbued with impetuosity and delicate alchemies.

The two musicians have always been animated by mutual esteem. They have been thinking about working together for a long time. The project first took shape in 2010, during a concert held in Bolzano by Israeli singer Noa, who had invited both of them on stage. Following the concert, they started collaborating on a permanent basis, finding inspiration in their respective lives: some tracks which were already included in Bosso’s repertoire, others by Biondini, standards, and improvised songs (though the original melody is still recognizable to the audience). The sharing of a wide range of stylistic references, from bebop tradition to Mediterranean, their natural inclination for free improvisation and deep cohesion to the duo project, make a moment of fruitful and captivating exchange of this encounter.

The repertoire includes Prendere o lasciare, a totally improvised song by Biondini, a very fast track that highlights the great interplay the two artists have created over two years of touring in Italy. The inspired and graceful reinterpretation of classics such as The Shadow of Your Smile, tracks from Bosso’s repertoire like Il Gattopardo by Nino Rota (already appeared on Bosso’s  record “Enchantment”, 2011), Africa (written by Bosso and recorded along with the Latin Mood on “Vamos”), or Rumba for Kampei, a song the trumpeter from Piedmont wrote after meeting Kampei,  a boy from a Maasai tribe he got to know on a trip to Zanzibar, reveal the meaningful connection between the two musicians.  Ballad  Bringi, and Choroso,  a tribute to brazilian choro, both written by Biondini, underline the accordionist’s composition skills as he perfectly adapts to Bosso’s performance, being able to improve the trumpeter’s intimate lyricism and virtuosity.

Face to Face is another record released in 2012.


Fabrizio Bosso – trumpet

Luciano Biondini – accordion