TANDEM – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso presents “Tandem” along with pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello.

There are two ways of collaborating: either by following two parallel routes that lead to the same goal, or by pedaling in unison. Italian trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso and Italo-English pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello have chosen the latter option, and “Tandem”, their first duet album released in 2014 on Verve/Universal, exemplifies the alliance they initiated on stage, an alliance that transcends the traditional rules and forms of musical collaboration.

Bosso and Mazzariello first met in the early days of the High Five Quintet, an all stars cast of young and promising Italian jazz talents. The trumpeter and pianist immediately clicked, and their spontaneous understanding and friendship naturally lead them to experiment and merge their shared passion not only for jazz but also for other musical genres.

During their “Tandem” concerts, Bosso and Mazzariello showcase their musical sympathy in a repertoire that ranges from great international standards and songs to their own original compositions, without drawing a line between genres and styles. An eclectic repertoire that features masterpieces such as Gershwin’s “Oh Lady Be Good”, Jobim’s “Luiza”, Legrand’s “Windmills of your Mind”, Herrmann’s “Taxi Driver” theme, as well as Fabrizio Bosso’s own compositions, namely “Wide Green Eyes” and “Dizzy’s Blues” and Julian Oliver Mazzariello’s “Goodness Gracious”.

In Tandem, the duet’s mesmerizing playing and sound takes the audience on a magical voyage, with an interplay of tensions and distentions, magnificent improvisations, sheer lyricism and pure energy.