TANDEM – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso presents “Tandem” along with pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello.

There are two ways of doing things together: either pursuing two parallel lines towards the same destination, or performing in tandem. This latter option is the choice that Fabrizio Bosso and Julian Oliver Mazzariello have made, and their album, “Tandem” is the subsequent fruit of their collaboration throughout the years.

Bosso and Mazzariello met at the time of the early version of the High Five band, an all-star band comprised of talented young musicians from Italy’s jazz scene. From that day on, their friendship has matured, they’ve been sharing an innate passion for music and for musical experimentation across all genres.

“Tandem”, tells about their inner connection, whether they are performing music on stage or in their private lives. The artists perform a wide range of musical genres, including great songs and classics of international music such as “Oh Lady Be Good” by George Gershwin, “Luiza” by Antonio Carlos Jobim, a tribute to the great Michel Legrand in a rendition of “Windmills of your Mind“, and the arrangement of “Taxi Driver” theme by Bernard Herrmann. After reinterpreting  Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone, paying homage to Nino Rota, and releasing a live soundtrack to Dino Risi’s masterpiece film Il Sorpasso, these works prove once again Fabrizio’s interest in cinematography.

There’s also room for original songs such as Wide Green Eyes and Dizzy’s Blues by Fabrizio Bosso, and Goodness Gracious by Julian Oliver Mazzariello.

The record, released in 2014 on Verve/Universal, features two eminent musicians. Fabio Concato performs his remarkable Gigi. Delicate trumpet and piano contributions from the two artists discretely accompany the powerful lyrics representing a father-son relationship, and through words that anyone can empathize with. Fiorella Mannoia has been invited to perform, for the first time, a classic by Trovajoli-Garinei-Giovannini, Roma nun fa la stupida stasera: an elegant voice paying tribute to a famous traditional Roman song.