SPIRITUAL TRIO – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso in concert with his Spiritual Trio, featuring Alberto Marsico on hammond, and Alessandro Minetto on drums

“Spiritual Trio” is one of Bosso’s most fascinating projects. With already two albums to date, the matrix of this project is a tribute to black music, and more specifically to gospel music and spirituals. The trio’s first album Spiritual (2011), compiles a repertoire rooted in the tradition of African American folk music, revisiting it in a very personal and profound manner; after touring it for two years the trio knew it was on the right tracks. For their second album, Purple (2013), Bosso, Marsico and Minetto delved even further into the genre – both traditional and modern – so as to build a repertoire in which they felt could express themselves even better. A repertoire they keep on building, as they continue to explore the world of black gospel and negro spirituals, each time renewing their concert programs as they go.



Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Alberto Marsico, hammond

Alessandro Minetto, drums