Fabrizio Bosso Quartet – STATE OF THE ART – Fabrizio Bosso

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet – STATE OF THE ART

Fabrizio Bosso’s State of the Art is the expression of the Italian trumpeter’s authentic, powerful and expressive artistic dialogue with the musicians of his quartet, namely pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello, bassist Jacopo Ferrazza and drummer Nicola Angelucci. It represents a culminating point in the musician’s artistic and personal path.

Fabrizio Bosso, joining forces with the members of his quartet, with whom he has been sharing the stage for several years to great critical and public acclaim, explores the boundless possibilities of music-making, thereby achieving the fulfilment of his career both as a musician and a composer. “State of the Art” isn’t a point of arrival but a new departure, which each time round is consummated and renewed.

On stage, the trumpeter showcases his outstanding qualities as bandleader in collective and individual playing, leaving plenty of room for the other musicians to give free rein to their creativity and personality. Along with dazzling revisitations of jazz standards and virtuosic improvisations, the quartet’s repertoire also showcases Bosso’s talent as a composer in pieces such as “Rumba For Kampei”, “Mapa”, “Black Spirit”, “Dizzy’s Blues” or “Minor Mood”.

“I didn’t set up the quartet with a recording in mind”, Fabrizio explains, “what I really wanted was to hear other musicians perform my music with a different verve, a fresher ‘color’. That is what my music sounds like today,” says Bosso, “and these musicians, in addition to being friends, are those who inspire me most when we perform together, because they know how to bring out the sound I have in mind. With them on stage I could even go so far as to not play and the music would work all the same!”

“State of the Art” is also the title of the quartet’s double album, released on Warner Music in April 2017. Recorded live during their 2016 concerts in Rome, Tokyo and Verona, the album captures the tour’s most significant and jubilant moments, an experience the quartet today revives with an ever-renewed creativity and verve.