TANDEM – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso presents “Tandem” along with pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello.

There are two ways of joining forces: either by following two parallel routes that lead to the same goal, or by pedaling in unison. Bosso and Mazzariello have chosen the latter option and “Tandem”, their first duet album released on Verve/Universal in 2014, evidenced on disc the strong ties the two musicians initiated on stage seventeen years ago, and that transcend the traditional rules and forms of musical collaboration. Over the years their brotherly bond and non-conformist approach to music have intensified their rapport, their two voices progressively merging into one.

The duo concentrates the musicians’ intimate artistic essence: its tangibility and immediacy reflect the fact that when their instruments interlace with one another, so do their souls. What clearly emerges from their playing is not only the duo’s intimate musical understanding, but also its flawless interplay, capable of tackling different styles with the same intensity, be it in fast-paced, groovy pieces or in sentimental ballads. The duo’s mesmerizing playing and sound will take the audience on a magical voyage, with an interplay of tensions and distentions, magnificent improvisations, sheer lyricism and pure energy.