Mauro Ottolini, trombone – Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet – Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, vocals, Glauco Benedetti, sousaphone – Paolo Birro, piano – Paolo Mappa, drums

For some time Mauro Ottolini and Fabrizio Bosso had been nurturing hopes of working on a project together, and when Mauro Ottolini came up with the idea of exploring the music of New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz – and the musicians who shaped its history, Bosso was all for it.

With “Storyville Story” Ottolini and Bosso explore the vocal and choral roots of New Orleans’ jazz, the primordial intensity expressed in songs that tell stories about men and women, love, music, dire straits, gambling: a repertoire that gives a meticulous portrayal of the city in the early 20th century. The majority of these primeval masterpieces have alas been forgotten, even though some are still topical and rich with contemporary musical ideas. Musicians of great caliber stand out in this selection, namely William Christopher Handy, known as the “Father of the Blues”, who collected and composed blues pieces in the early 1900s: he greatly contributed to popularizing blues music that in his day became the repertoire for great voices and fundamental jazz personalities, such as Louis Armstrong, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, King Oliver, Fats Waller, Sweet Emma Barret, Lil’ Hardin.

For the project Ottolino transcribed and arranged some of the genre’s most beguiling tunes, revisiting the world of New Orleans music in a personal and creative key, supported by an excellent ensemble: for the rhythm section, Paolo Birro on the piano, Glauco Benedetti on the sousaphone and Paolo Mappa on the drum; the singer is Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, one of today’s major experts in the genre, whose vocal intensity perfectly merges with the lyrical pureness of Ottolini’s trombone and with Bosso’s vibrant and charismatic trumpet playing.