DUKE – Fabrizio Bosso


Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet – Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano – Jacopo Ferrazza, double bass – Nicola Angelucci, drums
Paolo Silvestri Ensemble: Claudio Corvini, Fernando Brusco, trumpet – Mario Corvini, trombone Gianni Oddi, alto saxophone – Marco Guidolotti, baritone saxophone – Michele Polga, tenor & soprano saxophone

PAOLO SILVESTRI, arranger & conductor

There’s definitely a fresh and new vitality in the pyrotechnical arrangements Paolo Silvestri has elaborated for Fabrizio Bosso and for the rhythm and horn sections in their tribute to Duke Ellington. Silvestri, gifted with an engaging gesture, offers a classy, swingy but also contemporary interpretation of Ellington’s masterpieces and sound. In this project each one of Bosso’s virtues finds plenty of room to express itself: swing, outstanding technique, fantasy, poetry… At Bosso’s side, pianist Julian Oliver Mazzariello, whose self-assurance in his incontestable talent has matured; Jacopo Ferrazza, whose reputation as one of the best double bassists is soaring, and Nicola Angelucci, one of the most sought-after drummers of the Italian jazz scene. The horn section is made up of renowned soloists, from the great Gianni Oddi, a much-loved and esteemed figure of the musical world, and young Marco Guidolotti, baritone saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, to Mario Corvini, “the” trombonist so to speak, with his two colleagues Claudio Corvini and Fernando Brusco.